BBBS 2018 vendor app (pdf)


VEndor information

How much is it to be a vendor?

Booth space rental is $100 for the weekend. This includes 2 10x10 spaces for canopy tents, or the length of a food truck. 

Where will the vendors set up?

All vendors will be located on either side of the road between the Mahr Park barn and lake, in a first come, first served basis beginning at set up time. 

When can vendors start to set up?

Vendors may set up on October 19th and leave their set up for the following day. The committee, nor sponsors, will be responsible for anything lost or stolen. Vendor set-up will occur between three (3) and five (5) PM on the day of the event. Vendor locations (in respective zone when applicable) will be given on a first come, first serve basis. All vendors must be set-up no later than six (6) PM and must remain in operation until at least nine (9) PM. 

Vendor set-up is as follows:

  • October 19 - Set up between 3-5 PM; operate from 5-10 PM; no vehicles in venue between 5-10 PM
  • October 20 - Set up between 10-12 P; operate from 12 PM-10PM; no vehicles in venue from 12-10 PM

The Vendor Guideline Sheet must be completed and returned with the Vendor Application and payment before being considered for participation. 

Are there any regulations we need to be aware of?

  • All food vendors must be up-to-date with the restaurant tax guidelines before they are eligible to set up during the event unless classified as a 501c3 organization. Please contact Diane Cardwell at dcardwell@madisonvillegov.com or (270) 824-2100 with questions about your compliance. 
  • Food vendors are required to follow all Hopkinc County Health Department regulations pertaining to food sales and food service. 
  • All vendors not classified as a 501c3 organization must provide a copy of their 2018 City of Madisonville Business license when submitting their vendor application. 

What all needs to be included in a "complete" application?

Vendor Guidelines Form (initialed, signed, and dated), Vendor Application Form (signed and dated), Payment (Checks payable to City of Madisonville, KY), Copy of current business license (if required), and Copy of Health Department Permit (if required).

Where can I mail or drop off a completed Vendor Application?

Office of Community Development

City of Madisonville, KY  

PO Box 705 

Madisonville, KY 42431 

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